Flitsmeister will receive support for payments via KPN Pay

Flitsmeister and KPN have joined forces to roll out a new function. Customers can now use Flitsmeister to pay with KPN Pay. For example, you can have the parking costs reflected on the KPN invoice.

Flitsmeister with KPN Pay

Flitsmeister is one of the most popular apps in the Netherlands. Not surprising, because for many it can save money and time. You can immediately see where the traffic jams are located, and the speed cameras are also displayed directly in the Flitsmeister app. Telecom provider KPN and Flitsmeister have now started a collaboration whereby users of Flitsmeister can also pay via KPN’s invoice, via KPN Pay. Of course, the user must be a customer of the green-colored provider for this.

When you have arrived at your destination and want to park, you can use Flitsmeister to pay your parking fee. This works by entering your license plate number and selecting the relevant zone. You can then start paying for your parking transaction on the KPN invoice. This will then be included with your monthly invoice for your KPN subscription. Payment in this way is done via KPN Pay. You can set up KPN Pay in Flitsmeister as follows;

    1. Go to parking in the Flitsmeister menu at the top left of the app
    2. Create an account or directly choose the payment method “KPN Pay”. The rest will follow itself!
    3. Do you already have an account? Then switch on the parking function and choose KPN Pay as the payment method. Have you already enabled the parking function? Then you can easily set up KPN Pay as a payment method. Go to ‘Change payment method’ and choose KPN Pay
    4. You will see your parking transactions on the next invoice (online purchases) of your mobile subscription


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