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Flitsmeister shares Android Auto app in video: beta is coming in January

There is more news about the Android Auto app from Flitsmeister. The long-awaited application can be seen in a video, so that we get a good idea of ​​the new application.

Flitsmeister video on Android Auto

Flitsmeister celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. The makers of the immensely popular application also come with their own Android Auto app, it became clear earlier. This has finally become possible because Google offers this possibility to developers. The developers are busy with it and already share a first preview in a video. You can see that from 0:55 seconds in the video below.

If all goes well, Flitsmeister’s Android developer hopes to release a first beta version of the Android Auto application in mid-January. A release date of the final version has not yet been announced. First, all feedback from the beta will be collected to make the final application as perfect as possible. You can watch the video that Flitsmeister has put online below.


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