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Flash Meister for Android Auto featured in video, beta release announced

Flitsmeister has shared an end-of-year video with Androidworld in which the first images of Flitsmeister for Android Auto can be seen.

Apps for Android Auto

Google announced a major update to Android Auto in August. This update made it possible for companies to make their apps suitable for Android Auto thanks to the release of the APIs by Google. It was about time. Android Auto was already announced in 2014 and launched in 2015 and so far the range of apps is not really to write home about.

Navigation app Sygic immediately got started with this API and since this month it is the first third-party app that is available (as a beta version) for Android Auto. Flitsmeister was also eager to release an Android Auto app and got to work right away.

Flitsmeister for Android Auto

Android developer Frank works at Flitsmeister and tells in the end-of-year video about his peak in the field of Android: Flitsmeister on Android Auto.

Are you eagerly awaiting the introduction of Flitsmeister on Android Auto? Let us know in the comments below this article.

Launch Flitsmeister for Android Auto

Frank indicates that the Android Auto app could be available as a beta version sometime in mid-January. He does keep a close eye on this: “If everything goes well.”

So do you want to navigate your car with Flitsmeister in January? Then you will first have to sign up for the Flitsmeister beta program. You can register here. Then, once the time has come, you can select Flitsmeister on the screen in your car as a navigation app.


Flitsmeister is an application that is built all around speed cameras and speed traps. This way you can see at a glance which speed cameras are in your area.

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