Fitbit news: Blood sugar monitoring and more

The Smart watch from Fitbit offers a really extensive set of functions, thanks to which you can easily monitor your health. The company will add other features this month, including the ability to monitor blood sugar levels, according to the Android Central portal.

Monitoring your blood sugar has never been easier

One of the innovations is the ability to easily monitor and record blood sugar levels, which is especially useful for people with diabetes. High or low blood sugar can lead to a number of health complications, such as hyperglycemia or various heart diseases.

The watch itself will not measure your blood sugar level, but you can now manually write the meter readings into the Fitbit app. With the OneTouch Reveal meter from Lifescan, data can also be imported automatically. The company says it will soon add support for additional meters.

If you have a Fitbit Premium subscription, other features are waiting for you. In the application, you will see an overview of measured values ​​for the last 30 days, thanks to which you can more easily monitor the correlations between your sugar level and other recorded data, such as sleep, physical activity and food intake. Fitbit can also use this data to adjust your goals in Health Coaching. You will also be able to share the measured values ​​with your doctor.

Health Metrics card now free for some users

The Health Metrics tab in Fitbit will now be available to all Fitbit Premium members. For owners of Versa 2, Inspire 2 and Charge 4 models, it will be available without the Fitbit Premium service, but will only provide access to data measured in the last 7 days. The Charge 4 also gets free access to monitor SpO2 values.

The ability to monitor your blood sugar will be available in the coming days. Other news will reach users later this month.

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