First look at emojis to find with iOS 15

New Emojis are due to be released this year and several choices are unveiled today. They are part of Emoji 14, which will be the next big update for Apple products and those of other brands.

The outline includes several Emojis such as Melting Face, Face with Diagonal Mouth, and Face Saluting. There are also many new Hand Emojis, in different skin tones and combinations, including the Handshake, Heart Hands, and Hand with Crossed Index and Thumbs. In terms of Emojis for people, we find a person with a crown, a pregnant man and a pregnant person. There is also a troll, a nest with and without eggs, a mirror ball and a bitten lip.

The images found here are not the Apple-designed models that will be found with future updates to iOS, macOS and watchOS. They were imagined by Emojipedia based on the description of each new Emoji. But the design is very close to that of Apple and we can therefore suspect that the end result will be similar.

We will normally have to wait until September for the green light of Emoji 14.0. We can therefore imagine that Apple will not have time to offer them in iOS 15 (knowing that the update will be available in September). On the other hand, we can expect to find them in iOS 15.1 or iOS 15.2.

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