First hands-on retractable OPPO X 2021 has already arrived

Photo @YouTube (Le Proktor)

A YouTuber is the first in the world to have a hands-on with the extendable OPPO X 2021. And yes, it slides as smoothly as you’d expect!

Apart from a mysterious teaser, we actually know nothing about the extendable OPPO concept phone. It is therefore all the more amazing that there is already a hands-on of the OPPO X 2021 on YouTube. The video shows, among other things, the extension mechanism in action. And man, how smoothly that goes!

First OPPO X 2021 hands-on

A French-speaking YouTuber named Brandon Le Proktor shows what looks like the first hands-on of the upcoming OPPO X 2021. The slide-out device uses a brand new form factor. Instead of a double-folded screen, the display rolls up / out automatically. The smartphone is thus mechanically transformed into a tablet and back again.

It is not known how the YouTuber got hold of the device. Until now, the Chinese aircraft was nothing more than a dot on the horizon. With the hands-on, on the other hand, we suddenly see the smartphone in full action.

The OPPO X 2021 is 6.7-inch (16: 9) by default but automatically extends to a 7.5-inch (20: 9) tablet. You do that, explains Le Proktor, by means of a swipe on a special button on the side of the device. Alternatively, you can also tap the button twice.

The video, on the other hand, reveals even more, which cannot be deduced from average marketing material. After all, we are still talking about a flexible screen that must be able to roll. Although no clear fold is visible (as with the Galaxy Fold, for example), the display still wrinkles and bulges a bit.

Nevertheless, it works surprisingly smoothly. This is a prototype, so everything could change. Le Proktor emphasizes this in his video and also states that the price and release date are not yet known. But since it is called the ‘OPPO X 2021’, we can expect the device this year and this hands-on suggests that we will see more of the device soon.

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