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First Class Trouble – -apkrig

Among Us has become a multiplayer darling this year and its popularity was reflected in the last Game Awards, where it won two awards: the title of the best multiplayer game and the best mobile game.

As expected, the first new projects appear that want to bite their share out of success. One such is the upcoming First Class Trouble. The creators themselves describe it as an asymmetric multiplayer, which combines cooperation, but also the madness of opponents.

The whole game takes place on a luxury spaceship, where a riot of AI and servant robots has broken out. Players find themselves in the role of a handful of survivors who, thanks to breathing apparatus, overcame the first ingenious way of artificial intelligence to exterminate most of the crew: turn off the oxygen.

But it is far from won, because some robotic servants have taken the form of passengers, so you can never be sure if you have a friendly rich man next to you or a murderous mechanical monster.

Your common task will be to reset the AI ​​and, most importantly, to survive during it, to separate the grain from the underwater chaff and to enjoy a bit of the crazy fun that results from the strange animations of the characters.

The authors are preparing the game on a PC and the current generation of consoles, the preliminary access should start next year. There is currently an alpha test that you can sign up for on Steam.

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