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First beta iOS 16.6 is out – this is what we know so far

First beta iOS 16.6 is out – this is what we know so far

iOS 16.5 has only been out for a few days, but Apple has already released a first beta of iOS 16.6. We know this from the new iOS version.

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Apple launches beta of iOS 16.6

Shortly after the release of iOS 16.5, Apple released the first test version of iOS 16.6. The beta is intended for developers, so they can get started with the new features right away. iOS 16.6 may be the last update before the launch of iOS 17. Apple will announce that major iOS update at WWDC next month.

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Due to the presentation of iOS 17, it is expected that iOS 16.6 will be another minor update. At the moment, little is known about exactly which new functions are coming to your iPhone. The test version seems to reveal at least one new feature. We’ll tell you which one it is.

iMessage Contact Key Verification

In iOS 16.6, iMessage is likely to receive a new feature to ensure user safety. The first beta of iOS 16.6 shows the first indications for iMessage Contact Key Verification. This new feature automatically alerts you when you send or receive a message from an untrusted sender on iMessage.

In addition, the new feature in iOS 16.6 makes it possible to confirm a verification code from each other, so you can be sure that you are dealing with the right person. This should make the digital environment safer, especially for people with a greater risk of digital threats. These include journalists, activists and government employees.

iOS 16

Official release iOS 16.6 will take a while

The first beta of iOS 16.6 has no other new features as far as we know. The official release of iOS 16.6 is still a while away, the update will probably not be released until the summer. In the meantime, more test versions will be released, which will probably contain new functions. Apple released iOS 15.6 on July 21 last year, so we hope to see iOS 16.6 around the same time frame.

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