first Apple Watch converted into a mechanical watch

Not sure what to do with your old Apple Watch? Then we may have the solution, because for the first time an Apple Watch has been converted into a mechanical watch. Watch it here!

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Old Apple Watch now mechanical watch

Do you have an old Apple Watch that you no longer use? There are several things you can then do with the old watch. A YouTuber came up with a very original solution, because he converted his Apple Watch into a mechanical watch. He used a first-generation Apple Watch for this, which appeared in 2015.

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This first Apple Watch will no longer receive new watchOS functions. The outdated Apple Watch is also far behind the new generations of the watch, the Apple Watch Series 8 has many more functions. So there is a good chance that you no longer use your old Apple Watch. That’s why a YouTuber decided to turn the Apple Watch into a mechanical watch. And the best part: the watch actually works!

From smart to dumb watch: that’s how it went

The YouTuber NanoRobotGeek filmed how he turned his first generation Apple Watch into a mechanical watch. For example, the device still looks like an Apple Watch, but functions as a classic clockwork. To do this, all technical parts were first removed from the Apple Watch, leaving an empty housing. Even the screen has been removed (with great difficulty).

All parts for the mechanical watch are then custom-made so that the clock fits perfectly in the Apple Watch housing. Of course, the well-known Apple logo could not be missing. Also very cool: a cut-out has been made in the dial, so that you can see the inside of the clockwork. Are you curious about the watch? Watch the whole video here:

How I Made a Mechanical Apple Watch (Fully Functional!) Build Video

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So it’s quite a job to turn your Apple Watch into a mechanical clock. Do you have an old Apple Watch that needs to be replaced? Then it is also possible to exchange your Apple Watch with Apple, so that you pay a little less for your new watch. Unfortunately, the Trade In prices at Apple are on the low side, so you can also try to sell your Apple Watch yourself.

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Are you still looking for a new Apple Watch? The Apple Watch Ultra is the best watch at the moment. If you find it too expensive, the Apple Watch Series 8 is a good alternative. View the best prices in our price comparison, so you can be sure that you are not paying too much!

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