Finally. Samsung is preparing a compact flagship

Many are already looking forward to the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 model line. It is said that the basic model could finally please even lovers of small and compact smartphones. The Galaxy S22 is supposed to have a smaller display than the Samsung Galaxy S10, whose screen is 6.1 inches. More information has been published by the Android Central portal.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 could be aimed at lovers of smaller phones

The upcoming flagship from the workshop of the South Korean giant Samsung, Galaxy S22, is to have a 6.06-inch display. For comparison, we will mention that this phone will be smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S20. Both models have 6.2-inch displays. The Samsung Galaxy S22 will therefore be somewhere between the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S10.

If the guesses are confirmed, we will see less battery capacity of the prepared flagship (3,700 mAh) than in the case of the predecessor. Samsung’s steps suggest that it may be joining other brands, such as Apple or ASUS. They seem to respond to the wishes of more users and reduce the screen diagonal of their smartphones, while maintaining top specifications.

The battery capacity will be reduced, the endurance could remain the same

If we take into account the smaller display and probably the more economical Qualcomm Snapdragon 895 processor due to the lower battery capacity, then the battery life could be good enough. A more significant size difference between the individual versions is also expected.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra | Photo: Editorial staff

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Lovers of big mobile phones have fallen in love with the Samsung Galaxy Note series of smartphones. However, they will not see another model this year. So it is possible that the Samsung Galaxy S series will be more focused on more compact mobile devices. Finally, we would like to ask you if you would opt for the classic model from the S series, or its Plus or Ultra variants.

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