Finally fewer delays thanks to AI?

Delays should soon be a thing of the past at Deutsche Bahn. The company wants to ensure this with a self-developed AI.

Arriving late at a destination can in some cases be quite inconvenient and sometimes even have serious consequences. Of course, the punctuality of public transport also plays a key role from time to time. However, Deutsche Bahn wants to tackle the problem and is now increasingly relying on artificial intelligence for this purpose.

Artificial intelligence is also available from Microsoft. A look at that new bingwhich is now available to everyone, you can get in the video:

Artificial intelligence simulates Deutsche Bahn train traffic

Deutsche Bahn is now increasingly relying on artificial intelligence to prevent delays in rail traffic. Like the company communicatesit wants to use specially developed AI tools to ensure that rail operations throughout Germany more punctual becomes.

This is achieved, for example, by simulating rail operations at 100 times the speed in order to run through different variants of the current traffic situation. From the analysis of this data go finally concrete proposals for action for the respective train drivers. The latter are thus able to intervene preventively before the actual bottleneck occurs. For example, by slowing down prematurely or waiting longer at a bus stop.

Deutsche Bahn: Tests have been promising so far

The group has already gained initial experience with the software on the S-Bahn trains in Stuttgart, in the Rhine-Main area and in Munich. This got to be a last year Saving of a total of 58,000 delay minutes guided. The extension to the Berlin S-Bahn will take place this year. Next year, Hamburg S-Bahn passengers can also look forward to more punctuality in Deutsche Bahn rail transport.

Further tests are currently being carried out on the railway line between Elmshorn and Sylt, where the AI ​​is operating outside of a closed S-Bahn system for the first time. Goods trains as well as local and long-distance trains run here, which poses new challenges for the software. After the successful completion of these tests, the next step is the busy route between Mannheim and Basel.

Deutsche Bahn is aiming for a real-time timetable

As a long-term goal, Deutsche Bahn names a “Real-time timetable, which, like a kind of brain, should become the digital control center of German rail traffic.The result is that the software can incorporate all delays caused by construction sites or other disruptions directly into traffic control. so worry the AI ​​for a more efficient process internal processes.

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