Final Fantasy XVI: The Three Headed Terror

The three-headed horror is one of the notorious dangers in Final Fantasy 16. However, its whereabouts are unknown, so we’ll tell you where the enemy was found below.

The Three-Headed Horror – Location

In Final Fantasy 16 there is a total of 32 notorious dangers, which you also need for all trophies. The strong enemies are gradually unlocked as the game progresses. You can view them in your Hideout on the Hunt Board and get more information about them.

Normally you can also see the task location where the opponent can be found on the hunting board. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all destinations. The location of the three-headed horror is indicated on the hunting board with “???”.

The three-headed horror is on the western side of the Velkroy Desert in Dhalmekia, south of the fast travel point of the same name. You can also use the Dalimil-Schänke fast travel point, but then the enemy will be northwest of you. It doesn’t matter which travel point you use.

So that you don’t have to search long, this shows you The following picture shows the location of the three-headed horror:

This is where you'll find the infamous threat
This is where you’ll find the infamous threat, The Three-Headed Terror. (Image source: Screenshot GIGA)

The three-headed horror is unlocked during the 44th main mission “The Crossing” after talking to Joshua in the infirmary.

For some notorious dangers, not only the whereabouts are unknown, but also the real name, including the three-headed terror. As soon as you arrive at the site, you will learn that the enemy’s actual name is Gochimära. Gochimära has a danger rank of S and is at level 45.

Once you have defeated Gochimära, you will receive as Reward 15,000 experience points, 120 skill points, 20,000 gil, 50 fame and 1 orichalcum.

The following video shows you the location and the entire fight against Gochimära:

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