In Final Fantasy 16 you need the Wind Shard to be able to craft the sword “Stormcall” at the blacksmith in the hiding place. But where can you find the wind splitter. Here we show you the exact location.

Final Fantasy 16

Find Wind Shards

The Wind Shard is an automatic story reward in Final Fantasy XVI. At the end of the 14th main quest “Awakening” you fight against Benedikta in her form as Garuda. After the final victory against the Espers, you will receive the Wind Shard as one of the rewards.

Important NOTE: The Wind Shard is a unique item, but you can sell it for Gil. However, you should avoid this at all costs, otherwise you will no longer be able to produce the Storm Call sword in this playthrough. In general, you should not sell any materials that have “Used to craft equipment and items.” is displayed. Such items are often important for crafting powerful equipment

Create Storm Call

At the beginning of the 15th main quest “The Fruits of Guilt” you can use the Wind Shard to produce the Storm Call at the Blacksmith’s Hideout. You don’t need anything other than this item.

If you no longer have the Wind Shard in your inventory here, you may have accidentally sold it. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy the splitter back. You can then only craft the weapon again in a new playthrough or in New Game Plus.

This is particularly annoying with this weapon, as Storm Call is needed later in the process to craft the Flametongue sword. You will need Flametongue again later for “Lightning Bolt”. So it goes on for a few more guns. So if you sell the Wind Shard, you’ll be missing out on a lot of powerful swords as a result.

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