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Feudal Alloy – apkrig

Czech games are never enough, especially when only a look at them can conjure a smile. Feudal Alloy boasts a beautiful hand-painted visual and has the hope that even the gameplay will satisfy our desires. At least the topic is really tempting. A fish-powered robot in the Middle Ages full of cans?

Feudal Alloy has been developing for three years in Zlín with just two people who have been called Attu Games. At the same time, the name of the farmer’s robot, in whose skin (metal), you are going to avenge your village, which the bandits were shooting off. Even though you are closer to digging a flowerbed, you will take a rusted sword into your hand and go to break the evil robots.


The centerpiece of course will be battles with many passersby various bosses. In addition to classic rubbish, you have a well-known dash, missing new skills and a flood of loot with new weapons, weapons, or grenades.

We have a Feudal Alloy in the viewfinder for quite a while and we finally learn the final date of the release. Fortunately, the fortunes for the past, fortunately, will be held on Thursday, Thursday. Due to the ongoing game drought, perhaps it was not possible to find better timing. The game is on PC and Switch, later on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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