Federal election 2021: parties in the t3n digital check

Only a few days left until the federal election. t3n does the digital check. What plans do the parties have on topics such as network expansion, startup funding, cryptocurrency, e-commerce or new work? We asked the CDU / CSU, FDP, Greens and SPD. The parties have replied.

There is actually no shortage of media coverage for the Bundestag election. But only actually. Because it doesn’t matter whether it is Triell, “klartext”, Wahlarena or whatever the format may be called. What they all have in common is that, of all things, the future topic of digitization in all its different aspects is clearly neglected. Amazingly, this also applies to digital offers such as the Wahl-O-Mat.

First hand positions

But what are the positions of the parties that are likely to be considered for the formation of a government? t3n asked the CDU / CSU, FDP, Greens and SPD on a total of ten topics, the parties replied. Positions at first hand, directly from the respective federal executive board or, as in the case of the Union, directly from the office of Dorothee Bär, responsible minister of state and member of the so-called future team.

The result is a comprehensive package for the most diverse areas of digitization. We want to offer the opportunity to compare the parties’ plans directly. At the same time, the answers are ideally suited to be able to check the actual implementation later. But now it is also a matter of giving the voters who are still undecided a decision-making aid. The t3n election check covers ten subject areas. There are several questions in each subject area.

The infrastructure topic is primarily about network expansion issues. Digitization needs the network, whether mobile or stationary. Germany still has some catching up to do with mobile networks and broadband, especially in more rural regions. What are the parties’ plans to make the infrastructure fit for the future? The answers can be found here.

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The topic of innovation is about dealing with new technology or technological advancement. Artificial intelligence, crypto, blockchain or even the e-euro are the focus here. The positions of the parties can be found here.

Data security and data protection play a central role for companies and users. Safe Harbor, E-Privacy Directive, GDPR are just some of the buzzwords. But it is also about the question of how competitiveness can be ensured and innovation possible. The plans of the parties can be found here.

Digitization has long since reached all areas of life. However, there is a lot of catching up to do, especially in the education sector and in public administration. What plans do the parties have for digitizing the administration, how should the Online Access Act be implemented? How are we getting on in schools? You can find the answers here.

Politics at least determines the central rules of the game on the internet. Whether it’s cybersecurity, state trojans, hate speech or e-residency and open data. What the rules should look like from the point of view of the parties is stated here.

The startup industry has developed into an innovative and important component of the economy and is a driver of digitization. However, there is still room for improvement in terms of framework conditions. How the parties want to become active in this area is stated here.

Online trading is booming like never before. The corona pandemic has massively accelerated this development. Online retailers in Germany have to face competition from international digital corporations. What are the Union, FDP, Greens and SPD planning to ensure the best possible equal opportunities and also to support smaller companies? Here are the answers.

The corona pandemic acted like a catalyst on the change in the world of work. What was unthinkable two years ago is now completely normal. How do the parties intend to positively support the further development of the world of work for companies and employees? Answers to the questions on the topic can be found here.

Mobility plays a crucial role for people and companies. At the same time, it is an important factor influencing sustainability and combating climate change. Last but not least, it is also a very decisive economic factor. These are the parties’ plans.

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing economic sectors. At the same time, gaming still has a lot of potential, also with a view to education. The Union, FDP, Greens and SPD are planning to use the opportunities offered by gaming.

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