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Feature in iPadOS 16 shows Stage Manager works on iPad without M1

Stage Manager is only available on iPads with an M1 chip, according to Apple. However, the source code of iPadOS 16 contains an option that allows Stage Manager to work on an iPad without an M1. iPhoned tells you more about it.

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Stage Manager also works on iPad without M1

The source code of iPadOS 16 contains a function that allows Stage Manager to be used on older iPads. The code references a setting called ‘Chamois for Legacy Devices’. Chamois is the internal code name of the Stage Manager feature and legacy devices refers to older iPads. This means you don’t need an iPad with M1 to use Stage Manager in iPadOS 16.

This is in line with a statement from Apple’s Craig Federighi (chief software engineer). He already said that Apple had conducted several tests with iPads before they decided that the function needed an M1.

This does not mean that Stage Manager will also work smoothly on older iPads. But because the feature is still in this version of iPadOS 16, this may indicate that Apple is still testing Stage Manager further on older models of the iPad.

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iPad OS 16

Stage Manager: you can do this with it

iPadOS 16’s new Stage Manager feature allows you to have multiple windows open at the same time on the iPad. The app in the ‘foreground’ appears large on the screen. The other open apps and windows are reduced in size on the left side of the screen. It’s even possible to resize the open ‘windows’ so that you see more of your ‘desktop’, just like on a MacBook.

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