‘Fathers can also get postpartum depression’

“Postnatal depression is not uncommon for many new mothers,” she writes on Momtastic. ‘But men can also suffer from bad mood and mental health problems after the birth of a child.’

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From sleep deprivation and changes in your rhythm to relationship problems, having a baby can be just as tough for dads – something many men find hard to admit, Mandi thinks. ‘They don’t take the complaints so seriously, with the result that they have trouble dealing with stress.’ And exactly that must change, according to her. ‘As a society, we must not only break this taboo for women, but also for men. The mental health of everyone in the family is essential to form a stable foundation. ‘

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First step

Mandi believes that friends and family should also ask the father more often how he is doing. But the first step is to become aware that this problem exists for men. Because from there we can work on the stigma surrounding mental health problems in men during the postnatal period. ‘

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