At Telefónica Deutschland and its o2 brand, progress in the 5G network expansion is causing an increase in sales, according to their own assessment. 75 percent of the population should now have access to the 5G network. The nationwide expansion in Germany should also be achieved earlier than expected.

Telefónica Deutschland: o2 revenue increased

According to new business figures, Telefónica Deutschland started the third quarter of the year with a Sales increase of around 6 percent closed. The revenue was 2.1 billion euros. A high demand for 5G smartphones is said to be one of the most important reasons for the increase in sales, in addition to the increase in service sales with own mobile services.

If only the o2 brand is considered, then there is one at the end Service turnover of 1.47 billion euros on the books, up 3.7 percent. In the case of hardware, revenue even grew by 18.9 percent to 403 million euros.

In the third quarter you could around 304,000 new contract customers convince of their own offer. 46.9 million connections are now supplied, 26 million of which have fixed-term contracts. Only the landline business is stagnating.

According to Telefónica CEO Markus Haas, the “positive growth trends were also impressively confirmed in the third quarter”. As a result, the sales and profit forecasts for the current year have been raised (source: Telefonica).

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o2: 5G network is growing faster

According to its own statements, Telefónica is making faster progress than expected in upgrading the 5G infrastructure. 75 percent of the German population it should now be possible to use the 5G network. The area-wide expansion, which is actually planned for the end of 2025, is to be completed earlier. Telefónica would like to set a new target in February 2023.