Fast gaming laptops and PCs – are they worth buying?

Full gaming power at Aldi: The discounter will be offering a total of 4 devices for PC players from December 10th – including two gaming laptops and two classic stand-alone PCs. GIGA took a look at the offers and revealed whether the purchase is worthwhile.

Medion / Getty Images – HAKINMHAN

Image source: Medion / Getty Images – HAKINMHAN

Medion Erazer Defender P10 & Beast X10: gaming laptops from the discounter

Just before Christmas Aldi wants to know again and offers 4 different devices for PC players. Medion Erazer Defender P10 and Beast X10 are two gaming laptops, which can be ordered online from Aldi Süd from December 10th. But what’s in the two gaming notebooks? We take a look under the hood:

With the Defender P10 it is a mid-range gaming notebook for 1,260.03 euros. A current i7-10750H is used as the processor, which is accompanied by an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 as a graphics card. The 17.3 inch IPS display has a full HD resolution, but only offers a refresh rate of 60 Hz – Almost a no-go in this price range! In return, the memory equipment is impressive. 16 GB DDR4 RAM is completely sufficient for a current gaming laptop, The 1 TB NVMe SSD, on the other hand, is rarely found in this price range. However, the battery is undersized with just 49 Wh.

Aldi’s mid-range gaming laptop: The Medion Erazer Defender P10 (Image: Aldi)

There is a better equipped alternative with Alternate with the Lenovo Legion 5. The gaming laptop uses a 144 Hz display and an 80 Wh battery. On the other hand, the notebook weighs almost 3 kilos and only offers a 512 GB NVMe SSD. The bottom line, however, is the better deal.

If you want to spend around 700 euros more, you get the Medion Erazer Beast X10 offered a high-end laptop for 1,939.03 euros. The i7-10750H is again used as the processor, However, the graphics card has been upgraded to an RTX 2070 SUPER. In addition, the Full HD display now also offers 144 Hz. The amount of RAM has also been doubled from 16 to 32 GB. The storage of the SSD remains the same – the fast data storage holds 1 TB. The battery offers a full 90 Wh, the weight of the 17-inch laptop remains surprisingly low at 2.25 kilograms.

Medion Erazer Beast X10 – the expensive gaming laptop from Aldi

The alternative from cheaper notebooks is almost 400 euros cheaper. With the Asus ROG Strix G17, the provider has a similar gaming laptop for just 1,480 euros. Potential buyers have to compromise on the battery, which only holds 66 Wh, and on the weight. This is significantly higher at 2.85 kilograms. In addition, only 16 GB of RAM are installed, which is completely sufficient.

You should always pay attention to this when buying a new notebook:

Gaming PCs at Aldi: Medion Erazer Engineer X10 & Hunter X10 under the microscope

If you are looking for a stationary computer, you will also find it at Aldi. With the Engineer X10 and Hunter X10, the discounter is offering two desktop PCs for sale from December 10th. The cheaper Engineer X10 costs 1,357.03 euros and can be ordered online from Aldi Süd. The Hunter X10 is included 2618.03 euros almost twice as much and is only available online from Aldi Nord.

The “cheap” Engineer X10 (Image: Aldi)

With the Engineer X10, Aldi offers an upper mid-range gaming PC. The computer relies on a current i7-10700 processor, and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER is used for the graphics card. The gaming computer offers 16 GB of RAM, plus a 1 TB NVMe SSD and a 2 TB hard drive. The hardware combination is quite impressive, although an RTX 3060 Ti would have been more appropriate for the price.

Pure luxury: The Medion Erazer Hunter X10 (Image: Aldi)

With the more expensive Hunter X10, however, buyers hardly have to accept compromises. The processor here is an i9-10900K, which is flanked by an RTX 3080 – a brilliant combination for playing in 4K. 32 GB of RAM are built into the PC, there is also a 1 TB NVMe SSD and 4 TB hard drive storage. Due to the currently poor availability of the RTX-3000 cards, a meaningful price comparison is almost impossible. However, it should be noted that the system can handle all games in 4K resolution without any problems.

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