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We have many series, whose games come with annual periodicity, and in many cases it is visible to them. Changes are slow, they are often just cosmetic stamping and hardcore fans do not follow the latest numerals due to major novelties but new rosters. Farming Simulator comes out every two years, and one would expect Giants Software developers to take extra time to move the series forward. But where.

Do not get it wrong, Farming Simulator is still at the top of the genre (the latest vintage was bought over a million players in the first 10 days) . But the fact that someone is a king does not mean that it is the best possible.

Farming Simulator 19 on Steam

However, no one has yet been able to expel an age-old sovereign from the throne. Many have tried it, but they did not have quality.

Farming Simulator 19 comes with changes that resemble a really big update for the previous part. The flooding of John Deere’s new machines could be a pay-down DLC for 15 euros. Similarly, two new maps and other machines of other brands could be purchased individually.

This means of course that the next year is a bit fuller, but the series is currently at a point where it does not need to swell long ago. (19459004)

With a Pure Plow is Better Neorr

Nineteen boasts a new graphic engine. There is nothing to criticize in this respect. We are not concerned with a production comparable to the three-titled titles, but you just think the tractor is a tractor that goes in the field, that it gradually picks up the mud on wheels, and that you drive by harvesting the profits for the broken ears. However, a very good coat does not disappoint the persistent imperfections.

While the sculpture has succeeded, it scratches inside the box. It would be a decent model of the terrain deformation by Spintires, it would be a fair collision model of vehicles (and vehicles with its own tow bar), a sophisticated artificial intelligence (hired workers can not avoid each other and only do a few basic tasks) , the world could finally come to life and not act like a deadly wasteland (you will find one car and one pedestrian for the Hungarian year) and so could be continued for a long time

We know that here we read something that is valid for the whole series, but it is hard to defend a new part if it does not address long-term questions. Sure, fans will enjoy a nicer visual with new details. It may sound exaggerated, but the birds in the field really help the credibility of the whole. Riding John Deere is also a pleasure. A new animal-like horseman also conjures up a smile

But it’s only a small thing that Farming Simulator 19 does not make a better game than her predecessor. Not much worse, of course. It’s just another light evolution when the whole series needs a real revolution.

Although the creators have learned some new roles, you still do not expect the game to be somewhat more helpful. You go through a tutorial, choose one of three farms (generous with lots of money, fields and machines, less generous, or just completely hollow with the need to get a loan) and then you begin to solve how it grows, protects and harvests what crop. And you can hardly find the answers in the game. You have to use the method of error attempt that will cost you very expensive

Cheerleaders do not deserve even control on the gamepad. Many of the features of a variety of devices get used to (more axes, lifting, lowering, lowering, lowering, lowering, tilting, tilting, etc.), but with the user interface we have been fighting for a long time. Finding the search information in several tabs and filtering certain areas on the map was a nightmare.

When the average field master is

Farming Simulator 19 That can be read a lot, but do not be mistaken. It’s still the best simulation farmer on the market.

If you have drowned hundreds of people in previous years, it’s a great deal of fun and fun to play with, (either alone or in onlin) and you still do not have enough, then Farming Simulator 19 feeds you with the above mentioned news. At the same time, you will not have to learn anything new because you will feel like home because of the absence of major changes

And if you have not had the Farming Simulator yet, then the last part is the best entry point. It is, in short, a good game in all its aspects, which manages to handle its craft. But in a little bit of effort, it could be an excellent game that would redefine its genre, totally shatter its eyes on its competitors, and it has proved to us that we really must not miss this part.

But that’s not the case with Farming Simulator 19. You let him miss you and you will not miss anything if you are not really, but really, big fans of John Deer. Or horses. Or the need to sprinkle the lime field after every third harvest. You will enjoy it if you proceed to the fact that it is still the same, only graphically updated and endowed with some nice additions.

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