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Farmer’s Dynasty – Apkrig

If Farmer’s Dynasty doesn’t dazzle you, it’s the overall graphics and appearance, animation and dubbing of the characters. In these areas, the game takes you many years into the past, but unfortunately it is common in the world of simulators. Where these games excel is the gameplay, thanks to which the eye can be narrowed over an obsolete jacket. And Farmer’s Dynasty is unique in terms of gameplay.

It is not just a simulation of plowing, planting and harvesting, but of the whole life of a farmer who is also a do-it-yourselfer. You can wall, repair roofs and fences, remove rust from greenhouses. You will use these skills to help other residents of the farming area, who in turn will give you their dilapidated tractor and rusted combine harvester. So you feel like you’re really starting from scratch, with the worst of the worst equipment, and you’re working really slowly somewhere, to shiny machines with a sky-high price tag.

You have to eat, you have to sleep, you deal with rats, as a good farmer you are looking for a woman, while in the field you are struggling with huge furrows left by a plow and with which your original tractor wrinkles.

The list of machines does not reach the ankles of other games from the genre, but the feeling that you are living the life of a farmer is the strongest here. It would like to combine the fleet and technical side of Farming Simulator and Cattle and Crops with the social aspects and the incredible progress of Farmer’s Dynasty. This could then be the perfect farming game.

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