Far Cry 6: USB sticks – Locations of all 15 songs for the radio

In Far Cry 6 you can find 15 hidden USB sticks that unlock new songs in the car radio. In this guide we show you all the locations of the USB songs on map sections and in the video.

Locations of all USB songs in the video (Far Cry 6)

USB sticks are one of the collectibles in Far Cry 6 and are difficult to spot in Yara due to their small size. In addition, they are only marked with a USB stick symbol on the map if you are very close to them.

In the in-game shop you have the opportunity to buy a card for 300 Far-Cry-Credits all locations of the USB songs on the map to display. With our guide, however, you can save yourself that. In the following video we show you the locations of all 15 USB sticks at a glance. Below you will also find map excerpts, if you prefer.

None of the USB sticks in the game can be missed and you can collect them all after completing the main story. It makes sense to first destroy all air defense systems so that you can quickly jump or fly to the individual locations with the wingsuit.

In the menu you can go to Collection → USB Songs By the way, see which songs you already have and which are still missing. You each activate a new song in the car radio. Among other things, you have to collect all 15 USB songs in order to use “… and the best of today” Unlock one of the Far Cry 6 trophies and achievements.

USB stick # 1 – Hitboy

Region: Isla Santuario

District: Quito

Location: On the desk in a factory building at Viviro Plantation 9 near the Acunana farmland.

USB stick # 2 – Pulpa de Tamarindo

Region: Madrugada

District: Costa del Mar

Location: On the small table at the end of the plant-covered shelter in the Ocaso marina near the Cortina Peninsula.

USB stick # 3 – Sentimiento Original

Region: Madrugada

District: Aguas Lindas

Location: Next to the laptop in the green dumpster at the guerrilla hideout Mambo on the island in the north.

USB stick # 4 – Abuso de Poder

Region: Madrugada

District: Aguas Lindas

Location: Stuck in the laptop on the roof of the tower at the FDA airbase Olimpia in Llanura del Oasis.

USB stick # 5 – What a Bam Bam

Region: Madrugada

District: Lozania

Location: With a laptop on a small table in the Plaza de Verdera in the north-west of Verdera.

USB stick # 6 – Educate ya

Region: Valle de Oro

District: Balaceras

Location: It’s in the laptop on the counter inside the gas station near the Diamante West checkpoint in Lagos de Diamantes.

USB stick # 7 – Macarena (Bayside Boys Remix)

Region: Valle de Oro

District: Barrial

Location: Next to the old PC in the open green dumpster on the small parking lot on the roadside near the Halcón reservoir.

USB stick # 8 – Dinero

Region: Valle de Oro

District: Barrial

Location: Next to the laptop on the roof of the house in the south of Villa Orquídea in Punta Muerte. You can get to the roof via the plant tendrils.

USB stick # 9 – Ay Lola “La Figura”

Region: Valle de Oro

District: Cruz del Salvador

Location: At the end of the treasure hunt you will receive “The party never ends”, which you can start northeast of Segunda. In the video below you can see the starting point and the solution for the treasure hunt.

USB stick # 10 – La Bella Ciao de Libertad

Region: El Este

District: La Joya

Location: On a table in the underground bunker by the Turgenev communications post, north of the Catalina ridge. You can access the bunker directly to the right of the large radio mast.

USB stick # 11 – Los Caminos de la Vida

Region: El Este

District: Conuco

Location: On the table next to the map on the veranda of Casa Rivera in the Valle de Fernando.

USB stick # 12 – Yo Aprendí

Region: El Este

District: Conuco

Location: In the little house on stilts in the water in the village of Maldito in the far southeast.

USB stick # 13 – La Vida me Cambió

Region: El Este

District: Sierra Perdida

Location: On the table in the small guard house at the FND base “Sureno-Werft” in the very southwest of Sierra Perdida.

USB stick # 14 – Pxssy Powah!

Region: Esperanza

District: Lado Occidental

Location: On a table in the middle of the guerrilla hideout Mercurio Mecánico in the southwest of Esperanza.

USB stick # 15 – Here we kum

Region: Esperanza

District: Pueblo Antiguo

Location: On a shelf in the storeroom of the roof terrace of a building in the old town of Esperanza. Here you started the game and decided the gender of the main character. You can access it via the path in the south. On the ground floor you have to enter the house complex via a small alley on the left and then climb a few stairs to the roof.

Still having problems finding certain USB sticks in Far Cry 6? Then let us know in the comments!

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