Far Cry 6: The truest Yaran

In the treasure hunt “The truest Yaraner” in Far Cry 6 you have to open the manager’s office and find all blocked pipes beforehand. In our walkthrough with video we show you the complete solution of the treasure hunt, in which you can unlock the unique shotgun “Truly loyal”.

Solution for “The truest Yaraner” in the video (Far Cry 6)

You can start the treasure hunt “The truest Yaraner” at the Gran Finca power station east of Lago de los Leones in the Noventarmas district in the Valle de Oro region. Read the note in front of the boarded-up building here to start the treasure hunt

In the following video we show you the starting point and the solution of the treasure hunt “The truest Yaraner”:

Find blocked pipes and open the director’s office

Since the main entrance is nailed up, you first have to find a way into the power station. Use the shaft east of the building, where you can rope down with your climbing hook. Then make your way through the underground until you arrive via a floor hatch in the main hall.

You can enter the building through this shaft.
You can enter the building through this shaft.

There you will see a large roller door that you have to open. Go up the stairs in the hall and you will find a control panel with lights and the switch that opens the roller door. Before you can operate this, you have to free four blocked pipe sections from dirt so that the water can drain and all control lights change from red to green.

The first blocked pipe can be found by the ladder to the right of the large roller door. Shoot the opening in the pipe to lower the water level for the first time.

For the second blocked pipe you now climb down the ladder and swim through the water to the other side of the room.

The third blocked pipe is again on the other side of the room a little further down.

You have now reached the floor of the previously flooded room and can climb down through the shaft. Here you will find a large fan in which the body of the office manager is stuck. Shoot up there the fourth and last piece of pipeto drain the last bit of water.

Now all the control lights flash green and you can press the switch in the main hall at the control desk on the right to open the roller door. Behind it all you have to do is open the box to lock the treasure shoes.

As a reward you will receive the unique shotgun “Truly Loyal”.

The unique shotgun "Truly loyal" is available as a reward for the treasure hunt (Far Cry 6).
The unique “Truly Loyal” shotgun is available as a reward for the treasure hunt (Far Cry 6).

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