Far Cry 6: Find Roosters

In Far Cry 6 you can find 19 roosters to unlock new fighters for the chicken fighting arena in Finca Montero in the northern region of Madrugada. In this guide we show you the locations of all 19 taps on maps and in video.

Locations of all roosters in the video (Far Cry 6)

Like the USB sticks, roosters are among the collectibles in Far Cry 6 and are in chicken crates that are scattered across the game world. They are only marked with a box symbol on the map if you are very close to them.

For 300 Far Cry credits, you can buy a map in the in-game shop that will mark all the locations of the roosters on the map. But you can save your money with our guide. In the following video we show you the locations of all taps at a glance. Below we will also show you all locations on maps, if you prefer.

None of the roosters can be missed and you can still collect them all in the free game after completing the main story. It makes sense to first destroy as many anti-aircraft systems as possible, as you can then quickly jump to the individual locations with the wingsuit or fly by helicopter / airplane.

Among other things, you have to find 13 of the 19 taps to go with “Recruiting Animals” Unlock one of the Far Cry 6 trophies and achievements. Note that you will receive 6 taps as rewards via Ubisoft Connect. These do not count towards the achievement. In the menu under Collection → Roosters you can see which taps you already have based on their names.

Rooster # 1 – El Ratón

Region: Madrugada

District: Costa del Mar

Location: In the box right next to the cockfight arena in Finca Montero.

Rooster # 2 – El Dorado

Region: Madrugada

District: Aguas Lindas

Location: In the underground facility, which you can enter via the tunnel at the Catalejo ridge. You can only collect this rooster during or after completing the side mission “Spurred on”. You can start the side mission as the game progresses at the NPC next to the cockfight arena.

Rooster # 3 – Acero

Region: Madrugada

District: Lozania

Location: On a farm in the northeast of Verdera.

Rooster # 4 – El Águila

Region: Madrugada

District: Costa del Mar

Location: On a hill northeast in the Parque Serpentino.

Rooster # 5 – Papacito

Region: Valle de Oro

District: Balaceras

Location: At a shelter in the Castillo National Zoo in Lagos de Diamantes.

Rooster # 6 – El Pico

Region: Valle de Oro

District: Noventarmas

Location: Behind a farmhouse in Jardines Celestiales.

Rooster # 7 – El Fénix

Region: Valle de Oro

District: Barrial

Location: In the small walled area south of the Villa Orquídea in Punta Muerte.

Rooster # 8 – La Muerte Negra

Region: Valle de Oro

District: Cruz Del Salvador

Location: At one of the chicken farms to the west of Segunda.

Rooster # 9 – El Huevo

Region: El Este

District: La Joya

Location: In a locked room on the upper floor of La Joya’s PDP offices. Shoot the padlock on the gate to get into the room.

Rooster # 10 – El Gallo Magnifico

Region: El Este

District: Conuco

Location: Do you have to collect “everything on one card” in Valle de Fernando during the Yaranic story. This rooster is not available outside of the mission.

Rooster # 11 – Hermoso

Region: El Este

District: Sierra Perdida

Location: In one of the stables at Finca Bonilla in Campo de Sabana.

Rooster # 12 – La Bala de Plata

Region: El Este

District: Sierra Perdida

Location: On the trailer at Finca Álvarez on the Costa Vacía.

Rooster # 13 – La Bestia Blanca

Region: Esperanza

District: Lado Occidental

Location: In one of the houses in the Casas del Lodo residential area west of Esperanza. Here you can also start the treasure hunt “The last one goes”.

Roosters # 14-19 – Ubisoft Connect Rewards

You can use the remaining 6 taps at any time free as a reward in Ubisoft Connect pick up. This includes:

  • El Rebelde
  • Sargento Gallo
  • El Dragón
  • El Rival
  • Toasty
  • Frosty

Two of these taps are in each of the “Fire and Ice”, “Fighting” and “Revolución” packages. Still struggling to find certain roosters in Far Cry 6? Then let us know in the comments.

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