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Fake photos on the Galaxy S23 Ultra: Samsung takes a stand

Fake photos on the Galaxy S23 Ultra: Samsung takes a stand

Samsung has caused a lot of controversy with its Galaxy S23 Ultra. The new top smartphone is supposed to produce photos that aren’t real at all. The allegations are explosive, because Samsung is actually advertising exactly this function as a major advantage of the new Ultra model. The manufacturer has now commented on this and contradicts it.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra does not generate fake photos

The allegations against Samsung weigh heavily. A Reddit user put the Galaxy S23 Ultra to the test and snapped a photo of the moon, which he previously blurred a lot. Despite the lack of detail, the Samsung phone has produced a great photo on it. It has now been speculated that Samsung uses artificial intelligence that recognizes the contours of the moon and creates a photo from other images. So you would not take a real photo of the moon, but get an artificial picture. This is what Samsung says about it:

“Samsung is committed to delivering best-in-class photo experiences in any condition.

When a user takes a photo of the moon, the AI-based scene optimization technology recognizes the moon as the main object and takes multiple shots for multi-frame composition, after which AI enhances the details of the image quality and colors. It does not apply any image overlaying to the photo.

Users can deactivate the AI-based Scene Optimizer, which will disable automatic detail enhancements to the photo taken by the user.” (Source: Tom’s guide)

Translated means: The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra recognizes the moon, takes several photos and uses AI to extract more details and colors. However, no third-party photos are used to create an image. In addition, the owners have the option of switching off the “AI Scene Optimizer” and can thus photograph the moon without artificial aids.

We took a close look at the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra:

How does the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra know the details?

In the end you have to ask yourself how the Galaxy S23 Ultra should know the details of the moon from the photographed source if there are basically no details to be seen there. It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds, because without other sources, Samsung can’t produce the moon in such detail in a photo.

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