‘Facebook smartwatch gets a function that Apple Watch still doesn’t have’

Facebook’s Apple Watch competitor is getting a feature that no Apple smartwatch has yet.

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Facebook smartwatch gets a camera

The Verge has new information about the smartwatch that Facebook has been working on for a while. Based on anonymous sources, we learn more about the unique functions that the watch will have.

According to the sources, the smartwatch will have two cameras, which you can use to take photos and make video calls. The front camera on the ‘top’ of the watch can be used to make calls, but Facebook has come up with something special for the 1080p camera on the back.

You can only use this camera if you remove the smartwatch from the frame and hold the watch in your hand to print a photo. Because the screen is so easy to detach, Facebook is looking to partner with other companies to create accessories. For example, consider a tripod to use the camera, or a bracket to attach it to your bag and use it as an action cam.

Built-in heart rate monitor and more

In addition, the watch would also have a built-in heart rate monitor and of course work closely with all Facebook apps. You can use it to send messages via WhatsApp or Messenger. Thanks to the mobile chip, you don’t need a connected smartwatch to send and receive messages.

As it stands, Facebook is set to release its first smartwatch in the summer of 2022 for a price of $400. The company will compete directly with Apple.

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