Facebook pages lose Like button, get news summary

Facebook pages are completely renewed. Facebook will remove the like button and the count of the number of likes will also disappear. Furthermore, pages do get a number of new functions.

Facebook pages

In a blog post, Facebook announced that it wants to tinker with the appearance and functions of pages. Pages will look different on the social network and they will also work more smoothly. In addition, a series of functions will disappear and new ones will be added, such as a Q&A function and its own news overview.

Let’s start with what disappears. The Like button, or the famous button that Facebook introduced to the world, is disappearing from pages. You will also no longer be able to see how many likes a page has, and the aim is to get a more realistic picture of the community you reach with your page. Many people have liked a page at one point, but have long stopped following it. From now on pages can only be followed and pages can also follow accounts themselves.

New functions

Furthermore, pages get their own news overview and messages from the accounts they follow appear there. Responses are also displayed at the top of the page in a separate section and furthermore there will be a Q&A function, or a question and answer session. Page administrators can easily answer questions from the community.

Facebook also adds more extensive modalities for the management of the page and the granting of rights. The social media site also says it has gotten better at detecting violent, hateful, sexual, and disruptive content. All changes are gradually being rolled out to the first pages from today.



Facebook is the Android application for the social network Facebook. This application has gone through many developments and has been completely rewritten in 2012 as full.

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