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Facebook Messenger Lite gif support and more in latest update


Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite, the stripped down version of the popular chat service, has received some nice new features. So from now on you can send gifs and brighten up your conversations in various ways. Download the latest update.


Send gifs with Facebook Messenger Lite

It has been possible for a while to receive gifs with Facebook Messenger Lite, but they still could not send. This is changing in the latest version of the app. It works simple: simply use your keyboard app to send a moving picture. This can for example be done with Gboard where standard poison support is built in.

Also new is that you can send files, such as a photo, video, audio recording or document with Messenger Lite. To do this simply tap the plus button on the left in the app. Then you choose whether you want to share a photo or another file. Finally, it is possible to make conversations a bit more personal by adding colors and emoji, or giving your conversation partner a nickname.

Facebook Messenger Lite is a lighter and faster version of the Messenger app, and aimed at older Android phones with less powerful hardware. If you have no connection at all, you can send messages so that they can be delivered later (when you have a connection again). The app also works better with slow internet connections. The most important features of Messenger are incorporated in Lite, so you can chat without any problems.

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Download Facebook Messenger for Android

Facebook Messenger Lite is less than 10MB in size and therefore ideal for when your (older) smartphone has little storage space. You can download the app in the Play Store via the link below. Messenger Lite works on almost all Android devices.

Download Facebook Messenger Lite in the Play Store (free)


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