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Facebook introduces new notifications overview ‘Missed updates’

Facebook’s Android app is quietly getting another new feature. From now on you don’t have to miss any updates from your friends thanks to the new overview. Will this solve the problem where you sometimes have to miss updates from friends?

Facebook with new notifications overview

Facebook is rolling out a new server-side update that will overhaul the notifications overview. It is not uncommon for you to miss an update from your best friends in your Facebook timeline. Facebook’s algorithm has often figured out in such cases that you will find certain updates more important. Sometimes it seems like you are leafing through an advertising brochure. Now there are some customization options, such as sorting your timeline by most recent, but Facebook also believes in another option, in the sense of the notifications overview.

Here you will find the circular profile pictures of your friends who have posted a message online, indicated by a blue dot. If you tap on that person, you will see an overview of the status updates that have been shared. This can be one message, but it can also be several. By the way, if you don’t find someone very important, you can’t exclude them from the overview. You can, however, choose to disable this entire module with update notifications with the three dots. The overview will then be hidden for a period of seven days.

The new overview may not be immediately visible to everyone, so it may just take a while until you also receive the new feature. You can’t force it in any way.

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