Facebook has officially added podcasts and audio rooms. So far for the USA

Facebook is starting to focus heavily on sound and is practically in the position of a direct competitor for Spotify and Clubhouse. Selected users can now listen to podcasts and spoken-based content directly through the familiar social network interface. According to TechCrunch, the news is still available in the United States.

The vast majority of social network users will be able to access new content, but so far only a small circle of creators can create it. Specifically, public figures, selected Facebook groups and some podcast partners are mentioned. In the coming weeks and months, the circle of possible creators is to gradually expand.

Live Audio Rooms

The interviews will be covered by the Live Audio Rooms function, which offers similar options as the Clubhouse. It is about creating an audio room where conversations will take place in real time.

An overview of hosts or speakers will be displayed at the top of the interface, while listeners will be displayed below with smaller icons. Captions, room-sharing tools, and a “raise your hand” feature are included.

Interestingly, in the case of Facebook, the room creator can invite additional speakers as well as listeners. Each room can have a maximum of 50 speakers, the number of listeners is not limited.

Also with financial support

There is also the integration of various reactions using emoticons and likes. In addition, it is possible to send “stars” to show more support for the speaker.

Facebook users buy these stars for real money and then send them to their favorite creator, who will receive a small amount of financial support for it. Simply put, it is a wrapped donation of money that is mediated by Facebook.

Such supporters are moved to the “Front Row” section of the room, so the content creator knows exactly who his biggest fans are.

Facebook will notify users of “podcast rooms” via the bulletin board as well as via notifications. You can even subscribe to individual rooms. This means that you will receive a notification as soon as the broadcast starts.

Foto: TechCrunch

Slow start for podcasts

As far as podcasts are concerned, a very limited offer is currently mentioned. Content from creators such as Joe Budden, Jess Hilarious, Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, Jac Vanek and Nicaila Matthews Okome will be available on Facebook. In total, only four podcasts cover it. During the summer, the offer should expand significantly.

The audio player is a direct part of the Facebook user interface, so you don’t need any additional applications to listen. Just come to Facebook, watch your favorite podcast and keep surfing.

The long-term plan of the social network is to create a community around podcasts and audio content. The whole thing is currently only at the beginning, and we can expect a gradual expansion of the available options over the coming months. It also anticipates that podcasts and chat rooms will be available to users outside the United States.

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