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extensive wallpaper update now available to everyone

A new update is being rolled out for the WhatsApp chat app. The latest version of the messaging service gets a lot of new features related to setting the background. The options are now much more extensive.

Major wallpaper update for WhatsApp

We recently wrote about many new features for WhatsApp. We worked on a large number of new options related to setting the background. You can now choose and adjust many more options, and we list them for you below.

First of all, it is now possible to choose a different background for each chat separately. To do this, you go to the three dots at the top of the screen in a conversation. There you choose a background, and then choose a suitable wallpaper.

In addition, new backgrounds have been added that you can now choose by default. These wallpapers are divided into dark and light, and also adapt when using the dark theme in WhatsApp. You can distinguish which ones you want to use in the lighter or in the dark theme. Those who still prefer the solid colors note that these have been revised and refined further.

You can now finally personalize more to backgrounds. You can adjust the design and adjust the color. You can choose from ‘luminous’ and ‘subtle’ as categories for the wallpaper choice. Only when the dark theme is chosen it is possible to adjust the brightness of the background. In addition, it is also still possible to simply set your own photo.

You can now set the new wallpapers. You do this as described by tapping the three dots in a chat. Then choose ‘background’ and you will see the new view where you can adjust everything to your heart’s content.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger

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