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As in previous years, you can join the Game Challenge this year as well, and diversify your next 12 months in the company of video games. This is the 6th year of the event, which according to the organizers aims to broaden the horizons of players. Participants are tasked with completing 10 games from predefined categories during 2021. They support diversity and the discovery of interesting new titles.

Challenge, charity and competition

When you join the event, you can compete for the awarded prizes, and in addition, the Game Challenge has a charitable dimension, as in previous years. For each comment written as part of the Game Call on the Game Database, a small amount goes to the People in Need Foundation. Last year, the organizers managed to raise over 10,000 crowns for a collection helping to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

But back to the challenge itself. In each of the 10 categories, there are two variants to meet it. The basic one is naturally simpler, the hardcore variant then adds more challenge and more demanding criteria. It is possible to mix both variants to meet the whole challenge. However, you must play a different game for each category; one title cannot be applied to multiple items.

“Play a game in which you play directly for a cop or a detective.”

You should start the game correctly this year and complete it by the end of December 2021. It does not matter on the platform or the order in which you will meet the challenge. You can already explore the individual categories and their conditions on the official website, but names like “In the name of the law” or “Pacifista” could tell you what to expect.

You can fulfill the challenge yourself or share your partial successes with others. But in our opinion, it would definitely be a shame to keep such efforts to oneself. If you want to participate in the competition for valuable prizes, you must officially accept the challenge, register in your profile, comment on the games played and, of course, successfully complete the whole event.

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