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Throughout the year we have only one goal at DroidApp; keep you informed of everything related to Android and smartphones. Not only with news, but also with many useful tips, reviews and background articles. In this article we list the best of DroidApp in 2020.

DroidApp in 2020

We close the year 2020 with a series of nice lists and overviews. In the past few days you have already been able to find a number of them on DroidApp, and in our handy DroidApp App. We want to thank you for your trust in DroidApp and without you we wouldn’t all be so excited to share our passion. In this article we list the best of DroidApp, of the past year, once again.

We are extra proud of a number of things this year. In our opinion, they deserve an extra mention. For the seventh time we have our very extensive weather app test 2020 shared. In this we compared 10 weather apps for six months; there were again big differences this year. We also presented the DroidApp Awards. Which smartphone is the best of 2020?


In 2020 we were able to test a lot of devices and accessories again. A total of 41 reviews appeared on Curious about the entire overview? We list them below for you.








Xiaomi / Poco


Forgotten smartphone / Forgotten phone

Every week on Sunday we publish a new edition of ‘The Forgotten Smartphone’, which we alternate with a new edition of ‘The Forgotten Phone’. A lot of gems appeared again in 2020. We list them below for you.

Specials and background articles

The best apps around a special topic, or an overview with other useful information. We share below the Specials and background articles we shared on DroidApp in 2020.

  • The 17 best camping apps for your holiday with caravan or motorhome (link)
  • Google Maps tips: the 28 best tips to get the most out of the maps app (link)
  • These are the 15 best gift ideas from DroidApp: from gadgets to handy gadgets (link)
  • 13 indispensable apps for your vacation to Iceland
  • These 10 apps help you work from home during the corona virus (link)
  • The 8 best running apps for Android (link)
  • The 7 Best Apps for Learning a New Language (link)
  • The 9 best cycling apps for Android (link)
  • The best and most fun apps for moms (link)
  • 7 useful gardening apps for your backyard and vegetable garden (link)
  • The 13 Best Apps for Men and Dads (link)
  • 10 BBQ apps for a perfect barbecue (link)
  • Hay fever apps: fight the pollen with these 5 apps (link)
  • Tour de France apps: follow the cycling race live with these 5 apps (link)
  • Christmas: These Are The Best Christmas Apps And Games For 2020 (Link)
  • Sinterklaas: the 9 best apps and games for young and old (link)

Tips and research

At DroidApp we are happy to help you with tips to get the most out of your device or apps. In 2020 we shared a number of tips with you again;


Buying advice

Would you like to know which device is best for you in which price range? Throughout the year we have listed the best smartphones up to a certain amount. Below you will find the most recent editions of DroidApp Buying Advice, in which we provide independent advice.

Articles from DroidApp Writers

Every year the DroidApp writers share their enthusiasm in the various articles. This year we are taking that even further. We share our favorite smartphones and apps from the past year. In addition, it appeared this week Android Annual Review 2020 and we published our overview with the 25 best apps of 2020.

Most indispensable apps 2020: Stefan – Paul – Luke – Kelly

Most interesting smartphones 2020: Paul – Luke – Stefan

Finally, we have also collected the best apps and the most important news for you per month;

These are the best apps of January – February – March – April – May – June – July – August – September – October – November – December (to follow)

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