Even the Xbox boss is thrilled

Valve’s Steam Deck has caused a lot of excitement among PC and Switch gamers. Now the Xbox boss has also commented on the competition for Nintendo and seems to be very impressed with the new handheld console.

Steam Deck: Xbox boss praises the new Switch competitor

Although there were already some rumors about Valve’s new handheld console, the announcement of the Steam Deck came as a surprise for many players. The switch alternative for PC gamers makes a very promising impression at first glance and delighted numerous fans.

Also Xbox boss Phil Spencer congratulated Valve on the successful presentation and made no secret of his enthusiasm for the new handheld console on Twitter:

What the Steam Deck can do – and the most important reports of the past week – we have summarized for you in the GIGA headlines:

Steam Deck + Xbox Game Pass: The combo for mobile PC gamers?

Although Spencer does not mention the Xbox Game Pass in his tweet, it stands to reason that the Xbox boss also sees potential for the in-house gaming subscription in the Steam Deck. Only problem: The Steam Deck comes with SteamOS delivered, an operating system based on Linux. In order to be able to use the Game Pass on the handheld, however, Windows should be required.

Valve has already confirmed that the Steam Deck under the hood is nothing more than a normal PC and the user can also load a different OS onto the device accordingly – however, it remains questionable how many players will make use of it. Alternatively, it could be possible for Valve to enter into a cooperation with Microsoft, to ensure the support of the Game Pass on the Steam Deck. This would cut your own flesh at the same time, as potential game sales could fall by the wayside.

What would you think if Valve’s Steam Deck supported Xbox Game Pass? Would you buy the handheld console for PC gamers then? Or can’t you get anything out of the switch alternative? Let us know in the comments.

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