even more insight into your sleeping behavior

Fitbit has years of experience with sleep monitoring and now, after analyzing 22 billion hours of sleep data, the company is introducing sleep profiles. In addition to the regular analysis, these profiles offer a more extensive analysis of your sleeping behaviour. The new feature has been in testing for a while and is now available to everyone through Fitbit Premium.


Fitbit is a company that focuses on developing devices that help people live healthier and become more active. Through h..

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What are Fitbit sleep profiles?

Fitbit claims that getting a good night’s sleep isn’t as easy as getting a standard seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Using collected data, analyzed by several specialists, Fitbit can now identify ten different sleep profiles that are important for promoting better sleep.

Sleep profiles provide a monthly sleep analysis that allows you to see the ideal range for someone of a similar age and gender. This way you can see if your sleeping pattern differs from the rest.

Fitbit sleeping animals

Based on the data from the sleep analysis, you are assigned a sleeping animal, which according to Fitbit should provide joi insight into your sleeping style. Six animals were chosen because of their own sleeping habits that correspond to common sleeping patterns of users.

  1. giraffe: your sleep is often shorter: you sleep later and wake up earlier. There is a good ratio between deep sleep and REM sleep, despite a shorter total duration.
  2. Bear: You have a regular sleep schedule and regularly fall asleep around the same time. You go to bed earlier than most and you tend to fall into a deep sleep quickly. Your sleep is generally long and restful, with relatively much deep sleep and REM sleep.
  3. Dolphin: You fall asleep later than most and you generally sleep less — perhaps due to an inconsistent sleep schedule. Compared to others, you are a lighter sleeper. Maybe you take a nap every now and then to recover.
  4. Hedgehog: You usually fall asleep later and wake up earlier. You are a lighter sleeper – it usually takes you longer to get into deep sleep and you get relatively less deep sleep and REM sleep.
  5. parrot: you usually keep a fixed bedtime and do not sleep very early or late. You usually fall asleep quickly and usually get a good amount of sleep each night. You probably sleep deeply once you doze off, but you may have light REM sleep because you wake up briefly during the night.
  6. Turtle: You usually fall asleep at different times, but generally sleep earlier than most. You also wake up later on average, so you generally spend more time in bed than others. It does take longer before you fall asleep, so you can have less deep sleep and less REM sleep.

You must wear your Fitbit while you sleep for at least 14 nights per calendar month to get a sleep profile. The more you wear your wearable, the more precise the analysis. As a Premium member, you can see your sleep profile, including sleep animal and monthly sleep analysis, on the first day of each month. The animals can change every month and the collected data determines the animal you are assigned in the following month.

Which Fitbit devices does it work with?

Sleep profiles are available in the Fitbit app for Premium users. It works with a Fitbit Sense, Fitbit Versa 3, Fitbit Versa 2, Fitbit Charge 5, Fitbit Luxe and Fitbit Inspire 2. You can expect your first profile during the week of July 4th, after which the monthly profiles will be available on the first of the month are in the Fitbit app.

Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit’s new Charge 5 fitness tracker aims to give users greater insight into their exercise, stress, heart health,

sleep and general well-being. It comes with an improved design and built-in GPS.

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What is Fitbit Premium?

In this review I often talk about Fitbit Premium, so a bit of explanation beforehand is desirable. Fitbit Premium is a subscription that includes a health dashboard with more advanced analytics about your health and wellness. You will find data on heart rate variability, respiratory rate and SpO2. In addition, the dashboard provides extra guidance and motivation to achieve certain goals.

Health and well-being also includes stress. Fitbit Premium provides an advanced summary of your Stress Management Score, including information about responsiveness, exertion, and sleep patterns. The subscription also gives you access to a range of exclusive training modes and mindfulness sessions to manage stress.

Fitbit Premium costs 8.99 euros per month or 79.95 euros per year. If you are already a Fitbit Premium member and have purchased a Fitbit device that includes a Fitbit Premium trial, you must first cancel your current Premium subscription before you can activate the trial.

Fitbit sleep profiles official: even more insight into your sleeping behavior
The Fitbit Charge 5

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