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European prices of new Galaxy S21 series leaked: good and bad news

Again there is news about the new Samsung Galaxy S21 series. Samsung will probably announce the devices in about three weeks. Now we find out the European prices of the three devices.

Galaxy S21 prices leaked

There is good and bad news to report about the prices that have leaked from the Galaxy S21 series. The well-known German source Winfuture has commented on what the three models from the Galaxy S21 series will cost. This concerns the prices for the European market, where it is suspected that they will be virtually the same in the Netherlands.

As mentioned, there is both good and bad news to report about the pricing of the Galaxy S21 devices from Samsung. Samsung will provide the ‘standard’ Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + with a lower price than the S20 series. The bad news is that the price of the Ultra will be higher than that of the current Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The price of the Galaxy S21 will start at 849 euros. The Samsung Galaxy S21 + has an amount of 1049 euros on the price tag, while the Ultra will cost 1349 euros. These are the starting prices with 128 GB memory. Samsung announced the S20 series earlier this year with starting prices of 999, 1099 and 1299 euros respectively. The source also reports that for 50 euros more, you will get a version with twice as much internal storage space. For a hefty amount of 1529 euros you get the Galaxy S21 Ultra with 512GB memory.

We will probably get to know all the details on January 14. In the meantime, more information will undoubtedly come in. DroidApp will keep you informed.

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