Euro 7 gets the first victim

Car manufacturers across Europe are up in arms against the planned new Euro 7 emission regulations. Critics say that cars would be far too expensive as a result. At Skoda, the planned rules are already having serious consequences. A popular model says goodbye, but the successor was already set.

Skoda sorted out: Fabia Combi will not be continued

The Skoda Fabia Combi has no future. The carmaker has now announced this. The original plan was to relaunch the popular station wagon at an entry-level price this year. But the coming emission guidelines under Euro 7 put a spanner in the works for the Czechs.

“Reaching the demanding emission targets for the upcoming Euro 7 regulation is associated with very high costs,” explains Skoda when asked by Automotive News Europe. Therefore, “it no successor to the Fabia Combi”.

Previously, the station wagon version of the popular compact car was considered set. As late as 2020, Thomas Schäfer, then Skoda boss, explained the new edition from 2023: “This is very important for us because it underlines our commitment, affordable, practical mobility at entry-level prices Schäfer is now head of the Volkswagen brand and responsible for the volume brands on the Group Board of Management, which also includes Skoda.

With the end of the future plans for the Fabia Combi, it will be in one fell swoop closely for potential customers. Because that Skoda has not been building the current model since November 2022, says the report. By March, Skoda is said to have sold just over 3,000 of the small station wagon. Interest has fallen by almost half compared to the previous year.

With Euro 7, not only e-cars threaten to become too expensive for many customers:

On the one hand, this could mean that Skoda fits the Euro 7 plans quite well. In this way, you could discontinue a model that is no longer running well without taking the blame. SUVs are now far more important and more popular with customers than station wagons, but they also offer a lot of space.

But the sharp drop in interest in the cult model could also be explained by the fact that the Customers have been waiting for the new version – and are now being left out in the cold.

Hatchback Fabia and VW Polo: do cheap combustion engines have a future?

The current boss, Klaus Zellmer, had previously stated that Euro 7 could hit Skoda hard. He criticized that Fabia no longer offered at a reasonable price could become. Similar steps could also threaten the VW Polo. Whether Euro 7 on a early end of the hatchback version of the Fabia ends is not yet known. However, the plans for the new emission regulations are on shaky ground.

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