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Espionage: Putin declares war on WhatsApp and Snapchat

Espionage: Putin declares war on WhatsApp and Snapchat

Since the Russian army attacked Ukraine, nothing is the same in the balance of the world and the homeland of Tolstoy continues to suffer international sanctions to undermine its economy. For its part, the empire is determined not to let it go and responds as best it can. So we try to do without anything that can be, for example, of American origin, whether stamped AMD, Intel, Microsoft or Google for example. Difficult to ignore Windows and Android, but the Russian motivation is beautiful and there. Lately it’s on the side of the couriers that the offensive has been.

WhatsApp: message received incorrectly

Since 1er March, the Russian regulatory authority Roskomnadzor ordered Russian organizations to stop using certain foreign messengers. In the press releasewe find that it encompasses Discord, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Snapchat, Telegram, Threema, Viber, WhatsApp and WeChat. Note that Zoom and Signal are not affected by this decision.

The measure does not currently target that official Russian organizations and not the civilian population who will always be able to use these messaging services as they wish. They therefore remain always available on the platforms and there is currently no question of blocking or restraining. Until when ? Hard to say, but it will be difficult to control all the actions and devices of a population as large as that of Russia.

You are going to tell me that if China succeeds, why not in another country? In his desire to cut himself off from any dependence coming from the West, Vladimir Putin can be trusted to find a way to achieve his ends.

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