ESET competition: We know the winners of the Galaxy A52s, ESET Smart Security Premium and ESET Mobile Security

In recent days, we have been able to participate in several competitions for interesting and valuable prizes through our website. One of them was the one with ESET, in which you could win a Samsung Galaxy A52s smartphone, ESET Smart Security Premium and ESET Mobile Security. The competition is over and we know the winners.

In order to be included in the draw for these prizes, you had to answer the three competition questions correctly. You could easily find answers and other interesting safety tips on the website, specifically in the following articles:

Correct answers

1. Which of the following is not one of the 5 most common online shopping scams?

a) Fraudulent advertisements
b) Fake websites
c) Phishing attacks
d) Fraudulent applications
e) Fake mustache and wig

2. What is a phishing attack?

(a) angling of fish from behind
b) pop-up ads in the e-shop that try to sell you discounted goods
(c) a fraudulent e-mail imitating a trusted sender seeking to obtain victim data

3. What is the essence of homoglyphic attacks on fake websites?

a) flooding the user’s monitor with a number of letters from different alphabets so that the user does not see the content of the open window of the website or application
b) deceive the user and perfectly imitate the page he wants to visit, e.g. by swapping letters in the page title
c) replacing all the letters in the texts on the website with one letter, so that the text becomes illegible

Prize winners

She participated in the competition overall 7,837 competitorsof which up to The 5900 answered all three questions correctly. We drew lucky winners from them.

Grand Prix, Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G | Source: Zdenka Smalecová

The main prize, a smartphone Samsung Galaxy A52s, acquires Martina Hrušková. He becomes the winner of the ESET Smart Security Premium license Michal Kalous. License ESET Mobile Security gain Maroš Mašlár, Peter Mikus a Anna Tóthová. Congratulations!

The prizes were donated to the competition by the company

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