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Erwin’s favorite iOS app of 2020: OkCupid

At the end of the year, all editors choose from iPhoned their favorite app of 2020. OkCupid was Erwin’s favorite iOS app.

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Erwin’s Favorite iOS App: OkCupid

In the past year I mainly used the same apps as the year before. The CoronaMelder is of course a big newcomer, but that is an app that you will hopefully never have to open again after installation. In addition, I installed some new apps that are useful for in the car, because I started driving again this year. Flitsmeister warns me about speed cameras and stationary cars on the road and I park with Yellowbrick. Super handy.

I have redesigned my homescreen. So Facebook has finally disappeared in some folder. Google Home has just come out of a folder, because I have been working on a smart home this year. I also exchanged Google Photos for Apple Photos.

My most used apps have hardly changed. I watch way too much on TikTok and keep opening Twitter. I listen to my podcasts in Pocket Casts and music in Spotify. But there was also an app that I had not used in a while: OkCupid.

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