Epic Games Store will return money just like Steam

E-commerce has its own publisher, but since Steam’s boom, virtually none of them have tried to create a larger platform that would compete with this hegemon. All this until Epic Games Store which was launched in December and which, due to its short existence, is still not fully tuned. One of the problems was a not quite proven process of returning money if the player was not satisfied, but Epic changed the system and the system is starting to work. Completely perfect and especially autonomous but not yet and developers will still develop

One of the platform creators, Sergey Galjonkin, with whom you also had the honor of our pre-Christmas interview announced Twitter the change in trade policy. The most important new feature is that players can now claim a refund for as many games as they want, which was not possible before. However, they have to follow the rules which stipulate that the money can only be claimed within two weeks of purchase (or two weeks after the game has been purchased in advance) and the player may not be uploaded for more than two hours in that title. This puts the Epic Games Store practically in the same position as Steam, which has been operating since June 2015.

Developer margins. Epic Store offers 88% of sales to game makers, Steam gives 75% to those less successful, and 80% adds to creators of those titles that can generate a profit of more than $ 50 million

In the introduction, however, the disadvantage is that, with a refund request, players must always contact support. The automated system, integrated into the store itself, unfortunately does not exist yet, and the requirements are handled accordingly. To simplify the system and to automate it, however, according to Galjonkin, these days are working diligently. However, a possible slowdown in the handling of claims, however, balances the advantage that Epic returns money even for titles that were shortly after purchase at a discount. The Draze game can be returned and re-purchased at a lower price if the above conditions are met. Additionally, the “refund” approved store also applies automatically to all transactions made in the game, provided however that the content has not been used in any way. The exception from Rules consists of games that players have been denied access to, for example, inappropriate behavior or fraud

The provisional approach was more stringent. By the middle of December, players were entitled to a refund only twice a year and had to provide strange details such as the IP address, last 4 digits of the first used credit card, last login date, unique order ID, linked account names (such as Xbox Live or PSN); other details. The reason was, according to Epic, of course, only customer security, but the players had their opinion and considered it unnecessary. Even though Epic chief Tim Sweeney warned in advance that the process from the beginning of the manual will be, no one was counting on such a complicated procedure – the same developer promised to return the money without asking unnecessary questions

The American native of Maryland and the founder of Epic Games has been in the throes of developing computer games since the early age, but the first title has created up to during his studies at the Maryland University. The first game project was the logical ZZT game, which was released under the name of Potomac Computer Systems. Sweeney then renamed Epic MegaGames and things began to catch up. Unreal Engine, the Unreal series itself and a few other titles, the core of the Epic business, was until recently the development and licensing of Unreal Engines. So until September 2017, when Fortnite Battle Royale arrived and the life of not only Tim Sweeney turned to ruby. The enormous success of the game has given rise to a fairy tale, Epic has grown, the game has multiplied over a billion dollars in a couple of months, profits are still growing and this event generates millions of dollars a day. And that makes the founder of the Epic Games a billion dollar billion dollar billion dollar billion dollar billion-dollar billion-dollar billion-dollar billionaire

However, the refund option does not stop, of course, and as I pointed out at the outset, the Epic store has a long way to go ahead with other features. Among those already promised include user reviews (including review-bombing), achievements, support for modifications, and parental control. However, these and other promises are not yet given a specific date. In addition to the further development of the Epic platform, Exclusions are being developed, among which the biggest one is March’s 2nd Division. This action will, of course, also be on the uPlay platform, but it will not appear on Steam anymore. And if you are interested in why this is so, and how similar efforts are being made by Sweeney himself, look back at the first of this year’s novel explaining the situation.

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