Epic Games Christmas: a free game every day!

Epic games comes with no fewer than 10 Christmas gifts until the New Year. Free gaming!

The Christmas season is of course all about gifts and fun. Epic Games translates that into fun gaming. As a Christmas present they give away a free game every day. We explain which games you can expect and how you can score the games.

Epic Games is coming out after a turbulent year

The game developer had a turbulent 2020. For example, they went to war against Apple, as yet without success, and the release of Fortnite for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X was disappointing. So it was time to make amends. The game giant has understood that. As a Christmas present they give away no less than 10 games. You have to be quick, because each game is only available for one day.

These are the free games (probably)

Epic Games does not comment on the action, but now there is a (so far reliable) list on the internet of the games that you can score for free up to and including old and new. It would be the following games:

The question is of course how you get these games and we know that too.

This is how you score the free games from Epic

To score the free Epic Games you only need to create your free account with Epic or log in if you already have an account. You can find and download the games there. You can then keep the games and install them whenever you want. So you have plenty to discover around Christmas and in the New Year.

Source: Cnet

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