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The new iPhones are coming and regular readers know what that means: it’s time again for the biggest giveaway of the year! You can at iPhoned win the iPhone 13 Pro and in this article we explain how.

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Win iPhone 13 Pro? That’s how you participate!

If you iPhoned been following for a while, you know we love giveaways. Also this year we are giving away the new iPhone to a lucky reader/viewer! It is the successor to the iPhone 12 Pro, which will probably be called ‘just’ iPhone 13 Pro.

The best iPhone 13 is rumored to have a much better screen, more powerful hardware and the cameras would also be taken to the next level.

Do you want to win the iPhone 13 Pro? Participating in the giveaway is very easy. Simply fill out the form below for a chance to win the best iPhone of 2021. It’s completely free to enter and beeps in a few seconds.

Don’t you see anything? Click/tap here to complete the iPhone 13 Pro form

We will announce the winner on the day the new iPhone is available in the Netherlands. This happens completely randomly. One lucky winner will be chosen from all participants. We will then contact the person to deliver the iPhone 13 Pro.

On behalf of the entire iPhoned editorial team: thank you for reading and watching and good luck with the giveaway! In the run-up to the official announcement, we will of course keep you informed of all the rumours. And as soon as the new iPhones are official, we will of course work with them extensively in reviews.

What we already know about the iPhone 13

We expect Apple to release four versions of the iPhone 13. It will be an especially exciting year for lovers of compact iPhones, because the iPhone 13 mini seems to be the last compact, high-end iPhone.

The iPhone 13 Pro (Max) is rumored to have a much better screen. The refresh rate would go from 60 to 120 Hertz, making animations look much smoother. The camera is also rumored to be improving thanks to the addition of a stabilizing lens and a new astrophotography mode.

Do you want to know more about the new devices? Then read the overview pages below, or watch our video for the latest iPhone 13 rumors.

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