Enough inspiration: these baby names chose famous Dutch people in 2021

We have listed the best baby names from well-known Netherlands for you.

Birgit Schuurman

At the end of 2021, singer and actress Birgit Schuurman gave birth to son Jimi. Whether the name is a reference to guitarist Jimi Hendrix is ​​not clear. Birgit has another son: Chico.

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AnneMarie Keizer

AnneMarie and Simon Keizer have been in their baby bubble for a while, because on December 21 they became parents of their son Joa. The two also have a daughter: Kiki.

Douwe Bob

Singer Douwe Bob was in the spotlight last week, because he turned out to be a father not for the second time, but for the third time. The name of his second child is unknown. His daughter with artist Loes van Delft was given the name Bobby Lou.

Victoria Verstappen

Victoria, the 22-year-old sister of F1 driver Max Verstappen, gave birth to son Lio on December 6. A year earlier, on December 7, 2020, she became the mother of her first child: Luka.

Caroline Mol

On November 25, Lina Maria, the daughter of 3Js singer Jan Dulles and Caroline Mol, was born. The baby card contains a reference to daughter Donna-Maria, who died in December 2020 when she was three months old. The couple also has a son, James.

Stijn Fransen

The son of actress Stijn Fransen bears a name that you don’t hear very often: Lieuwe, a Frisian name. It is her first child.

Marly van der Velden

Actress Marly van der Velden chooses the name Jimi for her third child – just like Birgit Schuurman. She does make it a double name: Jimi-Jones. Her two daughters also have double names: Sammy-Rose and Jackie-Rey.

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Nienke Plas

Nienke Plas also gives her son, whom she gave birth to in June, a double name: Novi-Jaxx. Just like her oldest son, by the way, who is called Frenky-Dean.

Jennifer Hoffman

On February 5, 2021, Jennifer Hoffman and her boyfriend Dorian gave birth to their first child. The two choose an English name: Cooper.

Noelle Somogyic

It’s up to Noëlle and Ferri Somogyi to come up with two fun baby names. They became parents to twins last year. The boys are named Lux ​​and Imre. The couple already has a daughter: Véda.

Sarah Chronis

It was also a special year for Sarah Chronis: she became a mother for the first time. The actress and her boyfriend give their son the special name Novi Iason Aeneas. “Named after my dear brother and nephew and have their roots in my Greek background,” she said on Instagram.

Kim Kotter

The youngest member of Kek Mama vlogger Kim Kötter can almost blow out one candle, because he was born on February 23. The boy’s name is Ted. “A miracle! And that is immediately the meaning of his name (Official God’s gift)”, she said. Kim Kötter and Jaap Reesema have two more sons: Muck and Youp.

Rose Bertram

In the same month, Rose Bertram also gave birth to her second child, Zaylee Rose. She has another daughter with footballer Gregory van der Wiel: Naleya.

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