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Employees of the CD Projekt RED studio confronted the management of -apkrig

After all the steps taken by Sony, Microsoft and the RED Project CD in recent days, it must be clear to everyone that reversing the unpleasant cause of the Cyberpunk 2077 will require a lot of effort and quality work, accompanied by further thoughtful steps. It’s not enough to play in front of the players, and after downloading Cyberpunk 2077 from the PlayStation Store digital distribution, the developers came under another great pressure, from which the path leads only through patches that will bring the game to the previous generation of consoles into a playable state. The players experienced one of them yesterday – the game was upgraded to version 1.05 and according to the statement on the official website it fixes a considerable number of problems so far – not all of the RED Project CDs seem to understand this procedure as necessary and the only correct one. The director of the studio, Adam Badowski, openly gave heart to comments on Twitter, which sharply criticized Sony for withdrawing the game from sale, and which pointed out, for example, why Japanese companies did not behave in the same way against the Avengers.

Badowski, who was one of the representatives of the RED Project CD last week and officially commented on the whole case, expressed his sympathies with the comments of several fans who were not satisfied with what was happening around the game. In their statements, however, they blamed Sony and praised the qualities of Cyberpunk 2077. “All this is absurd. The game is playable and actually great. Why not just wait for the release of more patches and updates, “asks one of the players and Badowski gives a heart. Another evaluates the situation as very interestingwhen, according to him, the game Marvel’s Avengers came out in even worse condition than Cyberpunk 2077 and Sony did nothing at all. “Avengers are basically dead on all platforms, so the online game no longer works. Who will return the money to these players, “says another fan, and Badowski once again expresses his sympathy. And, according to Video Games Chronicle magazine, there were more such contributions that the directors of the CD Projekt RED studio liked until Badowski was notified and his he did not delete the reactions to the tweets.

As Mike Rose of No More Robots explains, for example, the driving force behind the G2A campaign and resellers in 2019, Cyberpunk 2077’s biggest problem with Marvel’s Avengers, for example, is that the CD Project RED prompted players to get a refund from Sony, respectively. Microsoft, notwithstanding the fact that such requests would not be in accordance with the internal rules of both companies. According to the mentioned developer, this was also the reason why the agreement was reached and Cyberpunk 2077 disappeared from the digital distribution of PS Store, while in the case of Microsoft the game was not downloaded, but players can ask for their money back except under the current rules. “It is very likely that at the moment when the CD Project started telling people to ask for a refund, Sony said that in that case the game would have to be removed from the store. I’m not sure, but I think it’s a likely scenario. The biggest problem is that CDPR has both urged players to break the rules and indirectly overwhelmed PlayStation support without the Sony developers talking in advance, ”says Mike Rose.

Questions were said about the company’s reputation, unrealistic timetables and endless overtime in the months and years leading up to the release of the game on December 10, 2020.

Another who reports on the situation is Bloomberg and journalist Jason Schreier, who, citing sources close to the studio, reports on the alleged meeting of the RED Project management CD with staff. Schreier describes the situation as a rebellion in which some of the employees demanded answers to very unpleasant but apt questions. “Frustrated and angry employees spewed their questions to management during an internal Thursday meeting that began with an apology from management for the catastrophic launch of Cyberpunk 2077,” says Bloomberg. Questions were said about the company’s reputation, unrealistic schedules and endless overtime in the months and years leading up to the game’s release on December 10, 2020. “During the meeting, one employee asked management why in January they said the game was complete and playable when was not true. The management replied that it was taking full responsibility, “describes Jason Schreier of information that the studio did not want to officially confirm to him. “Another employee asked if the management of the RED Project CD felt hypocritical that they were working on a game of corporate domination when their own employees had to work overtime. But the answer was only vague and vague, “Bloomberg concludes.

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