Elon Musk gives considerably higher price to futuristic Tesla function

Elon Musk adds another big boost to the already surprisingly high price of the Full Self-Driving feature for Tesla.

The Tesla is a premium car for many reasons. Due to the high-tech functions in the cockpit and beyond, users will of course have to pay a lot of money for such an e-car. From January 17, a large sum of money will be added, Elon Musk announces on Twitter at. The price of the Full Self-Driving function will increase by thousands of euros in the US. It is not known whether the price increase will also come to us.

Full Self-Driving more expensive

Tesla customers have a variety of options when putting together a new car. All Teslas have Autopilot as standard, a function for automatic steering, acceleration and braking. The next step is Enhanced Autopilot, which enables automatic overtaking, parking, navigation and auto summon.

It is the last step that will now become a lot more expensive in the US, according to Elon Musk. Full Self-Driving has all of the above, plus automatic traffic light and stop sign recognition. In the Netherlands, this feature costs $7,500, while the option in the US goes from $10,000 to $12,000.

Converted, the function was already over €1300 more expensive in the US and now the price is converted over €3000 more expensive than in the Netherlands. It therefore seems quite plausible that the price increase will eventually also apply in the Benelux.

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