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The highlight of yesterday’s Kickoff Live broadcast was the unveiling of the first Elden Ring trailer. Developers from the FromSoftware studio, through Geoff Keighley’s event, published it for a day exactly two years after the announcement at E3 2019 and caused fans proverbial second christmas. After less than three minutes of shots, however, the official web presentation of the game was supplemented with additional information and quite a lot of interesting fragments came together in one pile. So if you’re wondering what to learn about the Elden Ring beyond the trailer at the moment, we’ve collected everything, including a short story about how the video actually got to the end of Kickoff Live.

After the event, moderator Geoff Keighley personally thanked the FromSoftware studio for the opportunity to re-introduce the Elden Ring. However, he added that it was the designer Hidetaka Miyazaki himself who asked for the video to be placed at the very end of the presentation. “They intended it as a reward for the fans who watched the whole event. They wanted to use the expectations to elevate all the games throughout the presentation. A truly first-class deed, “said Keighley, and we must confirm that the plan has definitely worked. The temptation to publish the trailer for several days worked, and until the very end of Kickoff Live, viewers eagerly awaited whether the speculation would be confirmed. Of course, the result is also reflected in the discussions, especially on Reddit, where they still dear a little after the final segment of Kickoff Live and took in the discussions.

But now let’s move on to the game itself, which is beginning to take shape in part, and the published information has answered some of the as yet unresolved questions. Let’s start with the story that the writer GRR Martin is working on together with the aforementioned designer Miyazaki. Together, they created a world that may not be as dark as Bloodborne or Dark Souls, but it certainly won’t deny the manuscript of FromSoftware’s art department. The story tells of a place called Lands Between, ruled by the eternal Queen Marika, guardian of the Elden Ring, the source of the power of the Erdtree tree. However, what fate did not want, under as yet unclear circumstances, the ring was destroyed and Marica’s descendants – all the demigods – collected fragments of Elden Ring, called the Great Runes. But the power of the shattered artifact darkened their minds and they waged war between themselves. In addition to the ruin that struck the Lands Between, it also meant the departure of the divine entity Greater Will, which probably made the whole situation worse and the path probably doesn’t lead back. The only hope is the people who were expelled from the land and now, guided by grace, have made their way back to the Lands Between to face the Elden Ring.

As you probably already understand, the player who embarks on Elden Ring will become the exile, and although the developers no longer comment on the development of the story, it is very likely that he will have to gradually defeat all descendants of Queen Marika to collect individual fragments, assemble them. again the whole Elden Ring and gave the world a little hope again. Whether it succeeds, or if the story doesn’t turn out a little differently, we won’t be able to start finding out until the end of next January, when Elden Ring is coming out, but more theories and speculations are already emerging, so there will no doubt be fun for months. However, other official information, such as that confirming up to 4-member online cooperation, must not be left out. As in the spirit of previous titles from FromSoftware, however, this will not be entirely clear. So far, it seems like it will be purely a matter of summoning one to three players for help, but although the developers are not talking about any element of PvP – obligatory invasions – it is likely that they will eventually be included in the game.

Elden Ring wants to redefinovat genre, but for now we take these statements with a grain of salt and at least until the first playable demo we remain in anticipation.

When it comes to combat, the developers highlight many different approaches and styles that each player will be able to freely choose and direct to them with their equipment or improving their properties. Directly mentioned is the silent approach, as well as cautious clashes with one, a maximum of two opponents at a time, as well as a headless attack when you fully trust your abilities and worn equipment. In this respect, Elden Ring wants redefinovat genre, but for now we take these statements with a grain of salt and at least until the first playable demo we remain in anticipation. This also applies to the processing of the game world, which should have a very open character and therefore we will be significantly forced to travel. For this purpose, the developers will give players the opportunity to get on horseback, which will undoubtedly be useful even in times when the weather worsens and you want to hang out somewhere quickly. The dynamic weather system should take care not only of an interesting atmosphere, but most likely also for other combat conditions, but we do not want to speculate and exaggerate unnecessarily here either, because the interpretation of pieces of information from FromSoftware differs considerably in many places. But we do not want to forget that the horse can obviously do double jumps and it will be possible to fight from its saddle.

However, the Elden Ring will arrive on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 22, 2022, with players receiving the next-gen upgrade for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series for free.

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