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El Hijo – Even Red Dead Redemption II

Even Red Dead Redemption II allows you to move quietly and eliminate enemies from the backup, but the real Western needs a proper shootout in the bar environment. El Hijo does not want to be the classic Western. Here you do not get involved. Your main and the only advantage is the ability to merge with the shadows.

El Hijo is not the name of the area where the game takes place, but the “name” of the six-year-old boy you play for. This explains the absence of violence. The little boy and his mother became victims of greedy bandits who did not kill them but prepared them for a farm, a major source of survival. His mother did not want to risk his son’s life, so she left him in front of the monastery’s door and disappeared.


The boy did not particularly care about the monks, so one day he decided to run away and find his family. However, the world behind the monastery’s gates is a very dangerous place, especially for a six-year-old child unable to defend against adults. That’s why you’re resorting to the slack.

You must observe enemies represented by monks and bandits, remember their habits and routes, and then move from shadow to shadow and ripen their eyes. You can help with toys that are the only thing left behind by your mother.

As you progress through three environments, from the monastery through the desert to the city of bandits, the game challenges you increasingly challenging. Not that it would come up with new mechanisms, but it will combine those essential to natural increase in difficulty. There are ten levels in each of the three areas.

The game sounds interesting and there is no need to contemplate a beautiful visual. El Hijo does not even sound like a western, but it is good that someone likes this favorite genre in a completely different way, where death is not a matter of daily order. The game is counted in the middle of next year on all conceivable gaming devices, including PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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