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easy video editing for YouTuber and videographer

In the category of video editing software, we have the rarely complete free products (Movie Maker or iMovie) and the very expensive and inaccessible software (Adobe Premiere). Filmora X (10) is exactly between the two: easy to learn, very complete without costing an arm and a leg. Because if the latter is paid, you will have plenty of time to try 100% of the software’s features. The only limitation is that you will have a watermark on your output file (an inscription “Made with Filmora X” on your final video). In short, Filmora X plays the game of transparency. Build your project and see if the software is worth the detour without even taking out your bank card!

A swiss army knife from the video

Filmora is video editing software that constitutes an ideal alternative to Windows Movie Maker or Apple’s iMovie. It offers a very simple interface (without being simplistic) and is compatible with all known file formats (MP4, AVI, H261, H264, FLV, MKV, M4V, 3GP, MOV, MPEG, VOB, RMVB, TS, M2TS, WMV, ASF…) Titles, effects, filters, transitions, superposition, “picture in picture”, keyframing, motion tracking: he can do everything… including 4K.

And that’s not all since Filmora allows you to manage a green background, audio mixing, color adjustment (saturation, white balance, dynamic range), but also generate panning and zooming movements from still images , screen recordings (for tutorials) and stabilize a video that would be a little too “shaky”. For the output format, you have the choice since you can choose a particular file type or encoding, but also a device (Xbox, PlayStation, Apple TV, Samsung Galaxy, etc.) and even a predetermined encoding for YouTube or Vimeo . Because yes, Filmora is a great companion for YouTubers. If you decide to purchase, you can benefit from a discount right now since the software costs only € 59.99 instead of € 79.99. For that price, you get access to all the features, technical support and of course the watermark removal.

Filmora X is software that allows you to calibrate your video for YouTube: enter your identifiers and export your video from the same interface …

Filmora X: software presentation

1 / Simple and user-friendly

Import your files and place them in the tracks of the edit stand as you see fit. Before you start editing, you can cut out sections of your rushes. Note that the software will adapt the resolution and the number of fps to your project, but you can do the opposite, adapt your project to the characteristics of your videos: it’s automatic. You can upload your own music or draw from Filmora X’s royalty-free music database.


2 / Transition effects

Transitions are sometimes seen as “has-been” by YouTubers, but you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for in the 240 effects of Filmora X! From the most basic to the craziest: vertical shutter, dissolve, cube, wormhole, fade, warp, grid, mozaic, etc. It’s up to you to see if the transitions can be a plus for your video without overloading it unnecessarily …


3 / The title of your masterpiece

Why not start your video with a title? Filmora allows you to configure what you want: size, orientation, effects, font, overlay. The result is striking: no more Comic Sans MS titles that drool from Movie Maker…


4 / Effects and Elements

This is undoubtedly where Filmora X stands out the most since it offers very nice effects: blur, disco, old films, MPEG glitch, lens flare, “insect” vision, pixelation, underwater, vintage, black and white, comic book (frame), several types of bokeh, damaged film, old TV, etc. It works like Instagram, just apply it on your video. The Elements are fleeting effects like a lightning bolt, a comic book onomatopoeia, a flame of hearts, etc. Again, there is a huge choice.


5 / Split Screen

You want to give a style Ocean 13, 24 Heures Chrono, Kill Bill or Carrie at the Devil’s Ball to your film? So what ? You are no dumber than Quentin Tarantina or Brian de Palmo… On this side, Filmora X allows all eccentricities with 2, 3, 4 or even 5 sources in around thirty configurations.


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