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E-shops want to keep picking up the goods in person. Even after the lockdown

It is not clear today exactly how our travel and shopping opportunities will change. At the beginning of next week, the Government of the Slovak Republic is to decide on new rules for going out. And sellers who can’t imagine staying dependent solely on courier services are responding to this.

Online shopping and collection point in operation

Today’s classic painting. It is still possible to order goods via the Internet and choose to pick them up in a stone shop. Nothing changes on this model, although next week everything will be different again. If the government intervenes (which is expected with certainty), then movement will be restricted and we will probably not go to the electronics store to pick up an online Christmas gift ordered online, apart from basic things. The only way to deliver would be by courier. And that’s what sellers are worried about.

The representative of Zásielkovň states:

“Dispensing points must have a guarantee that they can be open and customers must be sure that they can pick up pre-Christmas and Christmas shopping near their home without any problems.”

This reaction is quite expected, if the government restricting the movement of all of us, a courier would remain the only choice to get gifts.

And today these services are already used to the maximum, which means that the system will not be able to load them further, according to the sellers’ representatives. Just without the possibility and real usability to take the package to the store or dispensing point, Christmas and delivery in front of them will collapse in this direction.

However, the problem is, as the portal states, that, in addition, dispensing points are often in stores that will be closed from 21 December, which has already been decided. That’s why there is a demand from sellers to simply be able to issue packages. Courier services would be able to withstand the onslaught of the last week before the holidays.

However, this challenge for traders may run into the fact that many rules are being implemented extremely shortly before they are put into practice, so it may not be clear until the last minute how the government will actually respond to these demands. And this will weaken the immediate reaction of traders, because the time for delivery is shortened.

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